Friday, May 13, 2011

Black Hill Night Ride

It was Andrew and Austin joining Saxman from MORE to do a night ride at Black Hill Regional Park in Boyd's, MD. There was a very slight drizzle and spring time temperatures. There was only 3 of us which was great so we got to talk with Saxman about night riding. We hope to get permission about how we can do our own night rides. I think we can, we just need to join MORE. Anyway, it was a nice ride. We did 14.5 miles in couple hours. They only get permission to ride couple hours so we rode from 8 - 10.

The go pro video didn't turn out well. You can see from video clip below. It only picked up the brighest spot from the night lights. In reality, the night lights lit up the path very well. I was also very pleased with the Magicshine. I was able to see ahead very clearly. Add everyone else's light, you can see far enough ahead to go at a decent speed. Since the video, didn't turn out well, I only made a 1 minute video. Austin suggested having the light mounted on my handlebar instead of helmet. I will try this next time. Also, no audio since I used the waterproof casing on camera.

Direct URL to YouTube here

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