Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Fountain Head

Here are some pictures and videos of Fountain Head.

Overall, the trail was a great training ground. It was very hilly. It felt like 90% of the course was going up a hill. There is also a viscious downhill at the end. I fell 4 times due mostly to the sand at various spots. It may sound like we didn't have fun but we all want to go back. It was such great training! ~Andrew

Parking Lot

Gearing Up

The guy sitting on back of truck kept staring at us.

Seesaws. All three of us did the right one. Randy did both.

Long log to balance on. Randy did the whole thing.

Roots on parts of trail

Downhill at end. Andrew fell at the top. It was very steep!

Lindsay taking on technical section

Lindsay on Seesaw

Randy on Seesaw

Randy on Log