Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cranky Monkey 12 Hour Race

Here is final post for Cranky Monkey merging all the videos and pics.

Video Cam 1 of 6 - Lemans

Video Cam 2 of 6 (0 - 15 min)

Video Cam 3 of 6 (15 - 30 min)

Video Cam 4 of 6 (30 - 45 min)

Video Cam 5 of 6 (45 - 60 min)

Video Cam 6 of 6 (60 - 70 min)

Cranky Monkey 12 Hour Race GPS Info

This is Andrew and just wanted to give quick update on how I did at the race. First, here is a little background about the race. It was at Quantico, VA where the Marines train. Each loop was 9.5 miles and around 1500 feet of total climbing. The weather was great and trail was in excellent condition. There were total 400 racers and 90 of them were solo. Here is link to more details -

I ended up doing 6 laps, 57 miles, 9000 feet of climbing. I met my personal goal which I didn't think I was going to meet after 1st lap. The final results haven't been posted yet but I was probably 8th or 9th out of 11 in my category. I think everyone in my category did at least 6 laps which was ridiculous. Personally, this was a very tough trail. There was just a lot of hills. And some of the downhills were bumpy and tough on the rigid.

Anyway, here is GPS info. The last lap was an extra 30 minutes because I forgot to stop timer. If this doesn't show up in email, please go to blog.

I will post videos later this week.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Gambrill Park Rd

On Saturday Austin and Andrew did some training to prepare for the 12 hour Cranky Monkey Race. We hit Gambrill Park Rd (the dirt road portion) at the Watershed in Frederick, MD. It was great (but hard) because the road is basically a big hill. We did 4.5 mile descent and then made our way back up. Check out the elevation charts in link below. The descent is a lot of fun and you gain a lot of speed. Each climb back is over 900 ft over 4.5 miles. It's constant climb with hardly any flat sections. This is like something you watch on TV. On our last lap, we went down Gambrill Rd and then looped back up Fisher Creek. Fisher Creek is even more steep than Gambrill Rd. Another great part about this road is that you can veer off and take a trail. We actually did Trail of Tears twice which if you've done this, you know it's a lung buster. The last great feature about doing this is that there are hardly any cars.

Also check out below the Black Rattlesnake we saw.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Fountain Head

I did a solo ride at Fountain Head couple Friday's ago. Yes, I took off work to go riding. Did 3 laps and 4000 feet of climbing. This is a pretty tough trail. The trail is filled with a lot of roots and a lot of hills. The hills are tough because several are steep and have roots and loose dirt/sand mixture. Unfortunately, this place has gotten worse over the years and starting to erode badly so more roots are appearing making it a less smooth ride (especially for rigid bike). It's still a great place for good hard technical ride and still a favorite trail for a lot of people. So check out the video. There is a new feature I didn't see before around the 3:30 mark.

Make sure to switch to high res for best video.