Saturday, June 18, 2011

Gambrill Park Rd

On Saturday Austin and Andrew did some training to prepare for the 12 hour Cranky Monkey Race. We hit Gambrill Park Rd (the dirt road portion) at the Watershed in Frederick, MD. It was great (but hard) because the road is basically a big hill. We did 4.5 mile descent and then made our way back up. Check out the elevation charts in link below. The descent is a lot of fun and you gain a lot of speed. Each climb back is over 900 ft over 4.5 miles. It's constant climb with hardly any flat sections. This is like something you watch on TV. On our last lap, we went down Gambrill Rd and then looped back up Fisher Creek. Fisher Creek is even more steep than Gambrill Rd. Another great part about this road is that you can veer off and take a trail. We actually did Trail of Tears twice which if you've done this, you know it's a lung buster. The last great feature about doing this is that there are hardly any cars.

Also check out below the Black Rattlesnake we saw.

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