Friday, December 10, 2010


This year, I want to stay warmer in winter and invest in a few accessories without breaking the bank. They sell bar mitts to keep your fingers warm throughout the frigid riding and usually sell for around $50. But if you like thrift shopping and have a knack for building things, you can make your own for under $20.

I started out with this Jacket that I bought for $6.99( Pvc outer shell & cotton inner coat) that I could use as my bar mitts. I was scavenging the rubble in search of some neoprene but had no such luck. This is what I found:

1st) I began by cutting off the sleeves because these are the main pieces we will use for our bar mitts:

As you can see, the two layers of material could be further insulated but instead we'll continue without. I also added duct tape to keep the ends from fraying. If you posses sewing skills,your bar mitts will look really legit.

After you tape or sew the cut area of the sleeve, you are ready to install. This installation was done on the Jeff Jones ti-H bar. I first removed the brake to fit the mitt and to avoid any kinking of the cable, and then I gently slid the diy mitt on from the outside:

After I put the diy mitt on, close to the stem, I put the brake back on and adjusted the brake position, Repeating the above process and this step for both sides,(Right and Left) unless you ride with a machine gun in one hand which in turn you can use the rest of the coat you purchased to make a diy machine gun mitt.

Finally, you cut small holes and use ties straps to fasten the mitt to your handlebars. Remember to leave some space for your lights if you plan on doing any night rides. You can also trim down the sleeves for a more elite type look. I left the sleeves long due to this being the beta version. That's it!

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