Saturday, January 17, 2009

Schaeffer Farm

Schaeffer Farm is open this Martin Luther King weekend. It was because it was so cold that the ground was frozen and trails couldn't be damaged. I think it's the coldest day of year so far. It was single digits when we started riding. It was crazy cold. We thought we would be the only ones in parking lot. But when we got there, there were 3 other cars there. And by the time we left, 1/2 the parking lot was full. It was so cold, our camelback tubes were frozen. We had to take the hydration bag out and drink straight from hole we pour the water in. However, It was really fun because the streams were frozen. We actually rode across the frozen stream. It was a surreal feeling gliding over the stream. It's was awesome! And we got warm after 1/2 an hour. It really wasn't that bad. We had a lot of fun.

...more pictures coming

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