Saturday, July 12, 2008


It was Austin, Andrew, Lindsay and Henry taking on Blackhill. I think it's located in Clarksburg or Boyds. Anyway, it's right off of 270 exit 15. Blackhill was a much better ride than I thought it would be. It starts out on a paved sidewalk with several stations that have equipment like monkey bars. Then it turns into dirt road that is about the width of a car. Then it turns into some singletrack and winds through the woods. It a good steady climb since we are on a mountain. There are also some rocks on the trail but nothing like Grambrill. A couple of good downhills. One of them you have to watch out for since there is a stream at the bottom with some rocks. And at one point, we found the Hoyles Mill trail. So we rode part of that as well. There is one section with several small jumps. That was fun.

Couple of bruises someone endured during the ride.

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