Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fountain Head/Wakefield

On this weekend, we headed to two places. First was Fountain Head in Virginia. Then second was WakeField since it was on the way back. Fountain is always a challenge because this place seems like it's 80% uphill. It was fun but really tough for me(andrew). I look forward to going back in a month. I provided a ton of footage below of both places. These are all cam footages from my brother and I.


At the playground. From Lindsay's cam taking on the see-saw's.

Near the end of Fountain Head is a vicious downhill. First I'm recording Austin and Lindsay coming down the hill. Then 1st person view footage of me going down the hill. Then Lindsay's 1st person view footage of going down the hill.

Not sure why I put this in here. I thought it was funny.

Map of Route we did (from Lindsay's GPS).

Elevation of Route we did (from Lindsay's GPS). Only look at from 0 - 7.5 miles.


Austin doing some jumps in this one

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