Sunday, June 17, 2007

Gambrill State Park

We made our venture into Gambrill State Park this past weekend. I will say one word about that place - ROCKY. It was a very technical ride because of the rocks, but it was very fun. I personally felt it was good training. We couldn't bike the entire ride though because it was too rocky in several places. So, it was a mixture of biking and hiking. Overall, I had fun but would only do this once a year. ~ Andrew

The first 10 minutes of ride involved going up a hill that was very rocky. This is us after going up the hill. Most of us got off our bikes and hiked. Several of us were exhausted.

Patrick and Matt contemplating how to go over rock.

Rest of us wondering if Matt and Patrick will make it over the rock.







Red Trail

They were letting ground hogs loose in the park.

After the ride.

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